The Story

I remember the exact date, it was January 19th 2019, like it was yesterday. After my lunch break I felt very tired and decided to take a short Powernap as I still had time left and I was exhausted. After searching for 20 minutes to find somewhere to have a nap, I gave up.

There was no place available for this.

On my drive home, I started thinking of ways of achieving this in a more efficient and relaxing manner. When I arrived home I walked into my living room and saw the couch and throw pillows, I realized that something was wrong with the set up. Dark colours, unappealing for a nap. These two incidences in one day, gave me the inspiration to create this list of products  that will help people (including myself) to be able to powernap anywhere they wish.

George Anderson

Powernapbuddy CEO and  Founder